Monday, April 11, 2011

Bags 4 Kids

Being the mother of three adopted children, I fully understand the focus of children in foster care. These kids get moved from one foster home to another, with all their belongings in a garbage bag. What a feeling that must be for them. Many of these kids have only the clothes on their backs when they are removed from their biological home, or taken from the local police station.

Bags 4 Kids provide tote bags, back packs, duffle bags and/or diaper bags with necessity type items to help children through the transition. There is a mission statement that describes their way of helping, and also a list of ways you can help.  (Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to go to their website.)

They are located in California, but I'm guessing that most states have some sort of organization that does this, if you can't help Bags 4 Kids.